What Happy Customers Say About C-String

underwear without straps - ideal for no tan lines
"I was a bit nervous when I first tried on the C-String as there is something reassuring having the straps from your underwear holding your underwear in place.

When its in place, it grips really quite well and thankfully when I'd plucked up the courage to leave the house the C-String stayed in place all afternoon and didn't slip off. I'd had visions of being in a queue and it falling off and landing on the floor!

Its easy to put on - just slip it into place and adjust to make it comfortable. It can be worn as swimwear or as normal underwear under trousers or a skirt - all without giving you a visible knicker line.

In many ways its like wearing a thong or g-string and you almost forget that you are wearing them. I'm off on holiday in a few weeks and think I'll try sunbathing in a C-String so that I don't get any tan lines! "

Jackie from Swansea

"My husband bought me a C-String for my birthday and although I wear thongs, I was sceptical about the C-String. How can it stay in 'place' without straps - but luckily it does.

I wore it as underwear under a really elegant dress - one that if you look hard you can see my underwear, but with the C-String my underwear couldn't be seen - infact it probably looked like I wasn't wearing any! I'd definately recommend the C-String as a useful addition to anyone's underwear drawer. "

Sam from Milton Keynes